Sample Box |$200

A nice mix of ground beef, steaks, and roasts. Perfect for those who haven't tried our beef, or have limited freezer space. 20 lbs total. 

Variety Pack |$9/lb

(approx $350 - $500)
The ideal size for those who want a bulk order but don't have room for a quarter. Ideal for individuals or couples. 40 - 50 lbs total.  

Quarter | $9/lb 
(approx $700 - $1000)
The standard order; ideal for small families.    

Half | $8.75/lb 
(approx $1360 - $1944)
Why go to Costco? 

Whole | $8.75/lb 
(approx $2275- $3800)

The perfect size for beef lovers. 

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