Renee MacKillop

Renee returned to the farm to work with her family after university. When she is not farming or marketing Highland beef, Renee works in community food security.

Larry and Linda MacKillop

Larry is the oldest of the ten MacKillop children. He and his wife, Linda, live on Pine Coulee near Nanton, where you will find them writing, gardening, and raising sheep and chickens.

Lloyd and Nancy MacKillop

Lloyd and Nancy live on the farm near High River. Lloyd's mother, Cecilia, would tell her ten children to do their chores because "this isn't a holiday ranch!" Lloyd and Nancy later named the farm the Holiday Ranch where they raised their three children, Joel, Renee, and Jocelyn.

About our family farm

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Our family has been farming in Alberta since Rod MacKillop came west on the Harvest Excursion train from Cape Breton Island in 1926. He and his wife, Cecilia, raised ten children while farming near High River and south of Nanton on Pine Coulee.

Lloyd and Nancy MacKillop took over the farm near High River where they raise cattle as well as grain farm. Larry and Linda MacKillop moved to the homestead on Pine Coulee south of Nanton thirty years ago.